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About WeatherNet6

WeatherNet 6 is a unique on-line local weather information source covering eastern New York and western New England brought to you by the CBS6 weather and engineering departments. The WeatherNet 6 project began in November, 1998 and after six months of work was launched in mid May, 1999. The current version of the site was launched in January 2003 and features some subtle enhancements to the original web site. The software is only part of the project. The true force that drives WeatherNet 6 is the volunteer network of CBS6 weather watchers who upload current weather observations onto the site every day representing their local towns and providing invaluable weather data to the meteorologists at CBS6, the Albany National Weather Service, and to you online.

The intervals and accuracy of the weather updates are up to each individual observer and not the responsibility of the meteorologists at CBS6. Every attempt has been made to screen weather watchers before their acceptance into the program to ensure accurate reporting of weather conditions. The site will automatically update in real time to accommodate new reports which may be entered anytime, twenty four hours a day. Reports will remain on the site for eight hours after they have been submitted.

We are excited to continue making this weather resource available to you via the Internet and hope you find this availability of local weather observations for our region interesting and useful.

As an added benefit of WeatherNet 6, CBS6 will air the local weather observations on all of the newscasts to deliver localized temperature and weather information for the viewing area. Watch for your town daily during the weather segments.