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Welcome to the WeatherNet 6 application page. We want you to join the WeatherNet 6 family if you are a die hard weather observer and would like an outlet to report weather observations for your town for public viewing on the Internet and on CBS6 News. We encourage people of all ages who have an interest in weather and a baseline of weather instruments, as well as schools, to get involved and become members of WeatherNet 6. The program is designed for an unlimited number of observers and for the network to continuously grow over the years. Further, the use of the Internet means you can enter data as many or as few times a day as your individual schedule will allow.


Because WeatherNet 6 is an Internet Weather Watcher network, you will need a computer and access to the Internet to become a member. You will also need, at minimum, a thermometer and a rain gauge. (The thermometer must not be placed in a position that receives sunlight or in an area where extraneous heat sources may produce false readings.) If you have a more sophisticated electronic weather observation station, the WeatherNet 6 data submission form will accommodate the additional information if you wish to provide it.

We are looking for weather watchers who can send at least one observation per day on average throughout the year.

To Apply

To become a WeatherNet 6 weather watcher click on the "Application" link below and fill out the form. Your application will be reviewed by CBS6 meteorologists. If you meet our equipment and reporting requirements we will activate your user name and password which will allow you to upload weather observations to the WeatherNet 6 site. Once you have been approved you will be sent an e-mail confirmation that your user name and password have been activated. Allow one to two weeks for a response to your WeatherNet 6 application. Once you have been approved, your observations will be closely monitored over a four week period beginning on the day of your first report. If you consistently send high quality weather observations over the four week period, we will make you an official WeatherNet 6 team member. WRGB reserves the right to deactivate your user name and password if the weather data is consistently unreasonable or comments or pictures inappropriate.

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