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Main Page

WeatherNet 6 allows you to view weather watcher reports in several different forms. To view a complete report select a county either by clicking on the county in the map or by clicking on the county name in the text list. The number to the right of the county name in the text list indicates the number of active reports currently in that county. By clicking on the "Rain/Snow List" button in the navigation bar you can view a strict listing of the active precipitation amounts listed in the system. The "Quick View" link in the navigation bar displays an alphabatized by county listing of all the active weather reports in the system to make viewing the general weather in the region easier than it would be by clicking on each individual county to view the individual detailed reports. The "Pictures" link displays a listing of weather watcher reports that include weather related images that have been submitted along with the weather report.

Weather Watcher Report List Page

When you click on a county a weather watcher report page comes up with a listing of all the active weather watcher reports for the towns in the county you have chosen. To view a detailed weather report click on the "View" button located directly to the right of the report listing. When you are finished viewing a report click on the "Back" button to return to the weather watcher report list page. If no weather watcher reports appear for the county you have chosen it means no report for any town in that county has been uploaded to the site in the last eight hours.

Detailed Weather Report Page

The information displayed on this page will vary depending on the sophistication of the equipment being used by a particular weather watcher. A minimum requirement of a thermometer and rain gauge is necessary to be a WeatherNet 6 weather watcher. Therefore, some weather reports will only include a current temperature, weather condition, and precipitation amount. Weather watchers with sophisticated electronic weather observation equipment often provide additional information such as wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, dewpoint, and humidity.

For WeatherNet 6 Weather Watchers

To submit a weather report click on the "Report Weather" link in the navigation bar at the top of the main WeatherNet 6 page. Then, login with your approved user name and password. Finally, enter your data on the weather submission form. Click on "Submit" to send your weather report to the WeatherNet 6 site.

To upload a picture to the WeatherNet 6 site along with your weather report make sure the picture file is in the .jpg format.